Welcome to Godrive Driving School. Priority at our driving school is the Quality of our Instructors.We do not allow below par standards in our school. For that reason we mostly train our own Instructors therefore knowing that we keep our level of training at the very highest standards possible.

Bigger schools miss the instructor detail and it’s all about numbers in the bigger schools. Not with Godrive.

We have a handful of quality driving instructors who we know deliver the very best in EDT and Pretest Driving lessons Dublin ensuring you pass faster and our business is seen as a top rated institution.After all we are recommended by the RSA to deliver the lessons we do.

Being among the top 3 driving schools in Dublin is a fair achievement and we intend to climb further too.

The relevance of driving as a skill has been growing and growing over the years. From the looks of things, this trend will continue for some time in both manual and now even more Automatic transmission.

It is not uncommon to see employers asking job applicants for driving qualifications as a part of the criteria of getting a job.

You find licensed drivers important in the event of an emergency whereby someone has to be transported to save their life.

Away from all this, the liberty that comes from the ability to drive legally is unique as you can travel anywhere within the country as long as you have your documents handy.

In almost all countries of the world, driving schools are instrumental in the development of competent drivers who can be trusted in the quest to maintain a safe road.

If you are looking to become an accomplished and licensed driver in Dublin and its environs, your best route to getting this done is by training at Godrive Driving School Dublin.

Here you can be sure to get the best of facilities for your driving lessons and other driving school services.

COVID19 Etiquette

Facts are facts and the virus will be here for some time to come. We adhere to a strict Covid19 regime before,during and after each lesson and our cars are full sanitiser after each pupil.

Driving Lessons Dublin

Driving lessons are the whole essence of driving schools, all other services offered at a driving school are designed to support driving lessons.

These lessons are designed to help learners understand the core values on which safe and operational driving is based.

Then, they can build on it and become experienced after a while.

If there is anything that has been the desire of driving learners over the years, it is the best quality of driving lessons obtainable.

This is just what Godrive Driving School offers every learner.

Here, we are set to give quality driving lessons available in Dublin and its environs.

Once you sign up with us for your training, you can expect to be under the care of the best driving instructors in Dublin. More so, you get access to the best driver training facilities.

Definitely, you will be poised to have a successful and enjoyable driving school experience.

EDT Driving Lessons Dublin

Definitely, you will have to take and pass a driving test before you can be issued a driving license in Ireland.

The key to an effective driving lesson in Ireland lies in the right use of the EDT driving lessons.

Fully known as the Essential Driver Training lessons, the EDT lessons is a 12-part guide that is carefully structured to help driving instructors in transforming learners from
novice to driving experts.

Thereby setting them up for a successful driving test and in the long run, getting them licensed.

Here at Godrive Driving School, our driving instructors have mastered the art of tailoring the EDT lessons to the needs of each learner.

All you need is take that bold step to train with us, and we will make your driver training progress from that point.

Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

How do you want your driving lessons? Would you do the manual lesson, or you prefer the automatic option? Most people prefer the automatic option due to the ease it offers them on so many levels.

We also encourage this option. If you require automatic driving lessons in Dublin, Ireland, your best bet is Godrive Driving School.

Our driving instructors know just how to get this done the right way. Why don’t you join us today?

Car Hire for Driving Test Dublin

While there are several moves to be made while preparing for your driving school, one thing you should pay more than usual attention to is the condition of the car to be used for the test.

This has always made a big difference for those who make sure to use a perfect vehicle.

You find out that they are able to concentrate on getting a good driving test result instead of dealing with faults.

If you want the best car for a driving test in Ireland, you can always get one at Godrive driving school.

You can always be sure to get one of your choices, which is fully fit to earn you a successful driving test provided that you are prepared.

Why Choose Godrive Driving School?

The reason is quite simple; we offer the best driving school services in Dublin.

Our driving school services are structured to make almost anyone take and pass a driving test without stress.

Why don't you join us today? If you are lucky enough to get a driving instructor at our school, we think you will know then why we are regarded as one of the top 3 driving schools in Dublin.